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We promote sound nutritional practices and dietary intervention plans for the management of diabetes, by simplifying access to qualified dietitians and advocating for a multidisciplinary approach in the management of diabetes in Cameroon.

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The problem we are facing.

Cameroon has shown limited progress towards achieving the diet-related non-communicable disease (NCD) targets. Diabetes is estimated to affect 8.3% of adult women and 7.7% of adult men. 

Cameroon is currently off course in our progress towards achieving the diabetes global nutrition targets. 

Since 2000, there has been a surge in diabetes prevalence in Cameroon. 

To make matters more concerning, according to the Global Nutrition Report, there is a lack of national policy targets related to the global nutrition targets and implementation of national nutrition policies

Lack of National policy targets

There is no national policy target for a multi sectoral comprehensive nutrition plan

No policy to reduce childhood, adolescent and adult overweight

No policy to reduce blood sugar levels/diabetes prevalence

Lack of National nutrition policies

No food-based dietary guidelines

 No sugar sweetened beverage tax 

No policy to eliminate industrially produced trans fatty acids

No policy to limit saturated fatty acid intake

No operational policy, strategy, or action plan to reduce unhealthy diet related to non-communicable diseases

No policy to reduce the impact of marketing of foods and beverages high in saturated fats, trans fatty acids, free sugars, or salt on children

No operational, multisectoral policy, strategy or action plan for non-communicable diseases

No operational policy, strategy or action plan for diabetes

How we work to change this narrative


Innovation. Integrity. Faithfulness

Empowering Cameroonians to Manage Diabetes through Evidence-Based Dietary Guidelines and Preventative Healthcare Initiatives.

Our Impact

Our clients report great improvements in their blood glucose control, blood pressure, weight and general quality of life.

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