About us

Improving Diabetes Management in Cameroon

Live Well is a Non-profit organisation with a vision to improve the management of diabetes in Cameroon, reduce mortality due to uncontrolled Diabetes and decrease its prevalence.

A multidisciplinary team approach towards the management of type 2 diabetes has been found to present better health outcomes. However, this is often affected by the efficiency of communication between health professionals, and available resources of a healthcare system. Absence of these can hinder quality patient care. The increasing prevalence of diabetes in Cameroon presents a huge challenge because dietitians, who should form part of the disciplinary team are oftentimes not integrated into the healthcare system at hospitals and clinics. Therefore people with diabetes are forced to seek assistance from private practicing dietitians, who can be expensive for the everyday Cameroonian.

With the lack of easy access to dietitians, high medical bills and stigma attached to diabetes in Cameroon, people resort to traditional remedies, which are not always effective and can be dangerous. Moreover, healthcare providers in hospitals and clinics are often overworked with a high patient load, providing little time for an in-depth dietary intervention plan. 

Our mission is to empower people with sound evidence based dietary guidelines for the management of diabetes, using culturally available foods. We aim to achieve this through advocacy for the inclusion of dietitians in diabetes management, telephone or in person dietary coaching and preventative healthcare initiatives.

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