Live Well Hosts the first Health and Wellness day at C-Life Yaoundé, Cameroon

October 2023 was a busy one for Live Well. As we envision a Cameroon where good nutritional practices become a lifestyle, we continue to seek out opportunities to impart sound nutrition knowledge.

Through a partnership with C-Life (an international Christian NGO developing servant leaders and empowering professionals in Africa with integrity and professional excellence for global impact) we organized and hosted their first health and wellness day in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

If was a fun and interactive one day session with a key focus on health screening of all staff members and available volunteers, nutrition education and one on one dietary counseling. Present on the day was our Founder/ Executive Director Dr Joan A. Awum and Lab Technician Ms. Foncha Chantal.

Dr Joan A. Awum | consulting
Ms Foncha Chantal | health screening
The importance of optimal nutrition in the workplace | presentation
Workplace health and wellness | presentation

At Live Well, we strive to achieve a healthier community through hosting wellness events at corporate institutions, schools, hospitals, clinics and the general public.

The feedback from our health and wellness day have been exceptional and we look forward to hosting more in the future. When employers and employees understand and practice healthy nutritional habits/guidelines, they set the pace for a more productive and profitable nation.

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