Our program and services

We envision a Cameroon where people will not die prematurely due to lack of knowledge about the dietary management of diabetes, in addition to other clinical interventions. We exist to make this knowledge easily accessible to them. We work to achieve this through the following methods:


We amplify the voices of dietitians by advocating for inclusivity in the management of diabetes. A multidisciplinary approach is key to better health outcomes.


We offer free dietetic consultation services for people with diabetes telephonically on WhatsApp or Facebook.  Once a person with diabetes contacts us, we do a thorough assessment of their anthropometry, biochemical values, clinical symptoms and diet history. We use this information to calculate their dietary requirements and plan an individualized dietary intervention plan. We don’t only send them a meal plan but also have a one hour phone call to explain in detail the lifestyle changes to be made, and answer all their questions. We make sure they follow up with their on ground medical team and stick to their multidisciplinary treatment plan.


We partner with hospitals and clinics to start diabetes support groups, where people with diabetes can share concerns, ideas, ask questions and build confidence. We empower both people with diabetes and health care providers with evidence based knowledge and practices for the nutritional management of diabetes.

Preventative health care is crucial in achieving the vision of decreased diabetes prevalence.

We achieve this by implementing the following preventative healthcare initiatives.


According to the world diabetes organization, an estimated 80% of people living with diabetes are currently undiagnosed in Cameroon.. It is no surprise that many people first find out they’re diabetic when faced with a health crisis due to long progressed diabetes. This is why routine screening is so important. We offer free routine screening to identify any abnormalities in blood glucose before it is too late.

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By partnering with schools, we launch school health clubs, where students are taught a balanced healthy diet through series of fun activities. Thus empowering the next generation with sound nutritional practices and better health outcomes. Donate to plant a support group
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We develop creative educative content for our digital audience such as comedy skits and infographics.. We aim to spark a greater interest in health awareness using this fun approach, as healthcare content is sometimes regarded as boring, too serious or complicated to understand. Find us on Facebook.


The workforce make up a large portion of the population and are a target group for nutrition education due to their observably sedentary lifestyles and eating habits, increasing their risk for non-communicate diseases like diabetes. Adopting healthier eating habits including becoming more physically active can help prevent the progression of insulin resistance. We partner with corporate institutions to roll out screening of employees, dietary consultations and nutrition education presentations. Healthier employees improve overall productivity and have reduced turnovers and sick days.

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